What Are the Benefits of Multifunction Copiers?

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Technology is constantly advancing and evolving, making the options for office solutions endless. If you are still using outdated printers and scanners, you may be missing out on the quality of work your employees can produce. It can be stressful to continuously go back and forth between scanners, printers, and fax machines. It is inconvenient, but it also takes up unnecessary space in your office. Your employees and workflow productivity will thank you for investing in a multifunction copier.

A multifunction copier is a machine combined with a printer, copier, fax, and scanner. The multifaceted device saves space, brings convenience, saves money, and increases business productivity. They can range in size from desktop to group-sized machines, also known as digital copiers. No matter the space you have to work with, there is a size for you. Gaining knowledge of multifunction copiers will ensure you make an informed decision for your company’s investments. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of multifunction copiers.


A multifunction copier combines multiple office technology features into one machine to provide a higher level of convenience. It allows you to scan an image and print it all in one trip. Where there would have been multiple trips back and forth between computers, scanners, and printers before, now it can all be combined. This will increase your employee’s productivity as well as lower stress. Who wouldn’t want less stress and easier work?

Using a multifunction copier also makes it easier for your business to manage printing activities in one network. You can have better control of your printing costs and security. And hopefully, this will limit the amount of personal printing done on your network from employees. The wireless option makes the need for cables and wired connections non-existent and allows for mobile connections if you are on the go or visiting the office.

Saves Space

If you have a small office space, it can be frustrating to cram a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine into one area. The inconvenience of a cramped office can make employees feel cluttered and less productive. When you replace these office technologies with one multifunction copier, it will declutter your space and help employees feel like they have room to work and be creative. Low morale can be detrimental to your business and work output so any steps you can take to increase morale are vital to consider.

Saves Money

Multiple devices consume different amounts of power and can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Your energy bill will decrease when all your office technology is combined into one space. A multifunction copier will also lower costs on paper, ink, and cartridges because you will no longer have to keep track of every machine. The machines today were designed to be more energy-efficient and provide more control so you can track your printing costs. It will make it easier to order more accurate amounts of supplies to keep in stock.

On top of that, you can limit the need for multiple visits from maintenance and get it all done in one service call. It is more convenient and cheaper to find parts when you have less specialized machines.

Better Document Organization

Multifunction copiers are wireless and allow for multiple device connections. With the use of mobile devices increasing in the office today, it makes it practical for anyone in the office. Because it’s wireless, it allows your office printing infrastructure to be combined in one place, making it convenient for employees to design, print, and access work production.

Multifunction copiers are designed to handle heavy loads in a smaller space, increasing work output and decreasing money spent. Your office will be transformed into a productivity zone and allow your employees to produce more work in quicker amounts of time. Since all the documents streamline into one core, it makes management of security, compliance, and visibility easier.

Wide Range of Options

With specialized devices decreasing, the market has new releases of multifunction copiers daily. The wide range of options makes it easier to find a specific device with the needed features for your business. The constant advancement and creation of these machines make maintenance and updates easier to achieve for less money. Ensuring your business is up to date on the latest technology is our goal.

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