Document Management

Document management can revolutionize your office's efficiency and workflow by offering consistency and control in collaboration, document transactions, and security. Instead of losing files, printing and reprinting documents, and risking security breaches, you can establish a digital document for collaboration and access.

Document management makes it easy to store scanned documents along with any other type of digital information. This information is stored on servers in your facility or in a secure cloud server -- it's up to you. Employees can securely login and search documents that they have permission to view. These documents can be acted on and moved through the workflow. At the end of their lifecycle, these documents can be digitally archived and then destroyed after the statute of limitations expires.

Why Document Management?

- Maintain regulatory compliance
- Reduce physical storage space
- Securely store sensitive documents
- Mitigate loss

Features of Document Management

- Secure, cloud-based storage
- Accessibility from anywhere, anytime
- Control over access
- Simple searching, storage, and collaboration
- Ability to convert documents into many different file types, including editable pdfs or Word docs
- Documents available across other applications
- Incredible OCR to populate data and automatically route
- A more efficient filing and organization system

Plus, all of our workflow solutions come with our award-winning service every step of the way.

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