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  • If you need to enter in your current meter readings, please fill out this entire form. You may also email or call us at (240) 364-0655.
  • Please enter up to 10 equipment id numbers and their corresponding meter readings. If you have more than 10, then submit the first 10 and start a new form for the remainder meter readings.
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Q: Network environment has changes or you have a new internet provider:

A: Changing Internet providers changes some of your network settings, which may cause printing and scanning not to function properly. The machine’s network settings must be corrected through the menu system of the machine and may require the assistance of the network administrator. Our service department is happy to help with you this; however, please note that this service is not covered under our standard maintenance agreements and will be billed at an hourly service rate.

Q: Scan to email not working

A: If your network environment and/or Internet provider has changed, some of the machine’s settings will need to be adjusted for scan-to-email to work properly. If your Internet provider has not changed, you may simply need to restart the copier, computer, and server.

Q: Issues arising after a power outage

A: Disconnect the machine’s power cord from the wall, wait at least 5 minutes, and reconnect. You may also need to reset your surge protector. If the machine has a “power failure” message, press the “functions clear” button 3 times to remove the message.

Q: Need to reinstall a print driver?

A: Print drivers can be downloaded from our website on this page below.

Q: Need to connect a new computer to the machine?

A: Install the print drivers on the new computer, which can be downloaded from our website. Please contact our IT department for assistance.

Q: Copies printing lighter than desired?

A: Check the exposure settings on the machine and increase the darkness setting. You may also need to replace the paper with a new ream.

Q: Message stating “Call For Service”

A: Turn off machine and disconnect power from the wall for at least 5 minutes. Reconnect the power and turn the machine back on; if code returns, open and close the front door where the toner is inserted. If code persists, contact our service department and notify them of the specific error message.

Q: Message stating “Add Toner” after cartridge has been replaced.

A: When replacing a cartridge, go to the “toner” tab under the “job status” menu of the machine and select “replace toner cartridge.” Follow the prompts accordingly; you may need to remove the plastic tape over the opening of the toner bottle as well.

Q: Paper Jam?

A: Check the paper guides and paper settings for the trays. If you are printing from a computer, check the paper settings under your copier preferences as well. If you are using thicker paper, make sure you have selected the appropriate thickness setting on both the copier and the computer. You may also want to try a new ream of paper–sometimes moisture in the paper can cause paper jamming issues. If the paper is being damaged during the jam, check the paper path for torn paper and/or foreign objects.

Q: Copies printing with black lines?

A: You may need to clean the small slit glass under the document feeder on the left side of the large scan glass. The best way to do this is to use a mild alcohol-based cleaner or Windex and carefully wipe the glass with a clean cloth—NOT a paper towel. DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto the copier.

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