About Us

At Nauticon, we will never stop until the customer is satisfied.

For over 22 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide the best possible service for our customers. We are a partner, not a vendor, and that philosophy can be quantified:

Well over 90% of our customers stick with us year after year, and our Net Promoter score is 95.

In addition to our customer retention and satisfaction, we have received national recognition and numerous awards over the years, including Toshiba’s ProMaster Elite service award.

Service First

Our Service First focus ensures that we continually reassess how our customers benefit, and it means that you’ll have a partner dedicated to improving your business. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll see our Service First focus in action:

High-quality, cost-effective products that enhance productivity, unrivaled service, including real people answering your call and same-day service, qualified technicians and extensive IT support, average 2-4 hour response time, and much more!

Many companies claim the have "The Best Service in the Business" but few even have a way to measure how happy customers are. Here at Nauticon, we have a system that allows us to capture feedback after every service call. We use the Net Promoter Score system.

The average North American Company has a Net Promoter Score of 10. Some well-loved companies reach scores in the 70's and 80's. Last year, Nauticon ranked 95!

Satisfied Clients
Net Promoter Score

Improve Your Business

At Nauticon, we're moving far beyond the box. Our people bring innovative, real-world solutions for all your office needs. We'll help you cut costs, secure your documents, and reduce your environmental footprint. And if there's one thing every business and our planet could use right now, it's managing to do more with less.