Leasing A Copier in Maryland | Your Guide

Leasing A Copier in Maryland | Your Guide
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Your purchase decision will depend on a few basic factors. First, let’s break down the key features of digital copiers to help you with your comparison of different makes and models.

They include:

Digital copiers are capable of printing anywhere from 20 pages-per-minute for basic needs up to 85 pages-per-minute with larger-volume console models. Faster warm-up and first copy out speeds have also improved.

Scan speed

With less businesses using fax machines, copiers are being used to scan to email, network and USB drives. Toshiba has released their new line of MFP’s that can hold up to 300-sheets at a time and scan up to 240 images-per-minute in duplex mode and 120 images-per-minute simplex (Monochrome or Color). New Scan-to-Cloud and Cloud Print capabilities increase productivity by allowing users to access, store and print documents remotely from the MFP.

Print volume

Depending on the size of the device, maximum paper capacity can be as much as 6,020-sheets. Most multifunction copiers come standard with anywhere from 1,200 to 3,520 Sheets. You can customize your device to meet the specific needs of you office. For example, if you print a high monthly volume, you’ll want to choose a device that holds a larger paper capacity. A basic 1,200-sheet device would be suitable for offices printing less than 3,000 sheets per month.

Additional applications

Copiers are no longer used simply to print and copy. Modern devices can streamline your workflow and increase efficiencies. Multifunctional machines may include workflow apps, wireless-mobile connectivity, tablet-style touch-screen controls, finishing options, image editing, large built-in hard drives for document storage, enhanced security and reduced operational costs through ePeat energy compliance.

Graphic output

Offices are now turning to their copier to print marketing material which was once sent to traditional offset printing companies. A device with sharp graphic capabilities and Pantone matching technology ensure detailed resolution as well as precise color management. The Xerox C60/C70 can also print a broad array of substrates: coated and uncoated, transparencies, DocuMagnets, cards and synthetic media to name just a few.



Small businesses rarely have an infinite amount of working capital at their disposal. Saving financial resources for exploring business opportunities and for making purchases that appreciate over time is far more important than investing in office technology that will only lose value. Avoiding big purchases like copy machines keeps bank lines of credit available for more significant business needs. Lease agreements may even include the cost of supplies, further reducing the initial payout.


Leasing a copier helps establish a set budget. Leasing terms can bet set up anywhere from 24-63 months allowing you the flexibility to choose the best monthly payment.


Copier leasing provides a distinct tax advantage over copier purchasing. If you buy a copier, you may only deduct the machine’s depreciation, which is typically 40 percent of the purchasing price the first year and then 25 percent of the purchasing price in subsequent years. However, if you lease a copier, the lease payment is considered a pretax business expense, meaning you can deduct the entire payment each time it’s made.


Copier machines depreciate over time, losing value due to use and to the constant introduction of newer, better technology. If your business purchases a copier, you can only upgrade in technology by investing in another new machine. You would also need to get rid of the previous model, adding to your time expenditures. In contrast, most copier lease agreements have options to upgrade the copier at a predetermined date. Such lease arrangements enable your business to always be in line with the newest office technology. Avoiding obsolescence also means more efficient copying since newer machines have lower per-page costs. Efficiency translates to increased profit and a greater return on your lease investment.