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Best Copier Companies Near Me
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Selecting the right copier company should not just be about who proposes the lowest price.   Research shows that there are three basic considerations for acquiring office automation equipment.

They are:        


Whether you searched Google for a “copier company near me” or are just looking for someone that can manage and service your entire fleet, you want to make sure the company you choose is the best fit.

Company Philosophy

Most businesses lease their copiers because the upfront cost is marginal.  Depending on your budget, lease terms generally range from three to five years.  This means that you are agreeing to partner with this company for the term of your lease.

Thoroughly research the company before you sign the documents.  Questions you should ask are: 

  • Where are they located?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Who are some of their customers?
  • Do they offer any guarantees?
  • Can they provide testimonials? 
  • Do they have a positive online reputation?
  • What procedures do they take as the lease nears the expiration date? 


All copier brands are not created equal.  There are several choices based on price and functionality. Commercial copiers have come a long way since the first model hit the market in 1959.  Back then, the device was limited to one task, transferring an image onto a piece of paper.  Fast forward six decades, copiers are now called multifunction printers (MFP), with the ability to provide centralized document management, distribution, and production in most office settings.  Many businesses consider an MFP to be an office assistant, converting hard-copy documents into editable and searchable digital files, watermarking legal forms, emailing to multiple destinations with one-touch on the user interface, and of course, copying, printing and faxing marketing material and various other types of documents.  Office MFP’s usually have moderately advanced finishing functions as options such as duplexing, stapling, hole punching, offset modes and booklet-creation.   Some manufacturers may include a hard drive and the ability to print banners as standard features on their popular models. 

Now that copiers and printers are able to store data, security is a growing concern, even for small and medium-sized businesses.  Does the copier you are considering have the ability to protect your sensitive data in order to help you meet increasing security challenges?  It’s important to your business that you choose a copier company that will provide the most state of the art, reliable, cost-effective print solutions.  

Here are some key things to consider when purchasing or leasing copiers for your office.

  • Total output/monthly volume
  • Color or black/white … quality of prints
  • Finishing options (staple, saddle-stitch, hole-punch)
  • Fax/basic scanning options
  • Advanced scanning features (document management solutions)
  • Wireless printing
  • Security features
  • Lease or purchase

The model you choose should be based on your needs, amount of space and budget.  

Service After The Sale  

Like most office equipment, copiers will need service from time to time.  Paper jams, misfeeds, and general maintenance will slow down productivity and even delay the completion of some projects.  The service reputation of the company you are considering is the most important factor in choosing the right company.    

Are their service technicians factory trained and certified?  When service is needed, what is their response time?  When you call for service, do you have to wait for help after you are greeted by an automated telephone system?  

Their service department should meet the following requirements:

  • Professional, customer-oriented service department management and administration
  • Service response time significantly better than the industry average
  • Preventative maintenance programs that are on time, every time
  • Inventory control systems that assure immediate access to replacement parts and components
  • Comprehensive training programs and performance reviews to maintain the highest levels of expertise
  • Highly skilled technical specialists and service personnel trained on your products


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