How Can Scanning Help Your Business?

Scanning Solutions for a Digital Workflow
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Increasing efficiencies and lowering costs are two of the most important reasons why you should consider implementing scanning procedures in your office.  Other benefits include the need for less office space, creating a secure data environment and the overall environmental impact.  As well as, it’s just smart business!

Increasing Efficiencies

A planned approach to creating a digital workflow is a more efficient and accurate way to secure your records.  Human error with misfiled documents is the main reason why businesses lose critical information, which leads to a loss of time and money.  In fact, Marketwire reports that in 2008, human error among employees cost businesses in the United States and UK more than $37 billion in lost productivity.  Implementing a document management system will properly organize your most sensitive data by allowing you to scan documents from your multifunction copier, index them for keyword retrieval and store them digitally on your server or in the cloud.  Quickly find what you are looking for with a keyword and simple click of a mouse.  It’s hard enough keeping yourself organized, much less your entire office.       

Lowering Costs/Less Office Space

Topping the list of efficient ways to lower costs by scanning documents is unquestionably the need for less office space.  I read that current estimates show 50-70% of space in an office is solely dedicated to filing and storage of documentation.  Year after year, you create more documents and the need for more space.  Consider document management scanning solutions as your digital filing cabinet.  Reducing your square footage, the need for filing cabinets or off-site storage facilities will lower your operational costs.    

In addition to space, Xerox did their own study and found that almost 50% of all printed documents are discarded on the same day they came out of the printer.  According to the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, the typical office consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper per worker every year equaling about two cases of paper per employee, adding up to an $80 annual cost per office worker.  If your office staffed 50 employees for the past 5 years, you have wasted $20,000 on paper.   

Creating a Secure Data Environment

According to Square 9 Softworks, “document management software is built to ensure that your company documents and information is safe, even from a tablet or mobile device”.  User authentication is required to access all digital documents and you have the capability to manage staff member user permissions and visibility.  “ECM software records every document action including when a file was accessed, what actions took place and by who. Views, edits, approvals, everything is recorded in a document history audit log”.  You can’t always monitor the activity of your coworkers with filing cabinets. 

Environmental Impact

Unused paper is the most common type of office waste.  Here are a couple facts from The World Counts …..

  • 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper.
  • Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste.

You can easily reduce your environmental footprint by printing less.  Scanning documents from your multifunction copier and converting them to digital files will save money on paper and electricity. 

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