Break-Fix vs. Managed IT Services

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When determining the right IT company for your business, there are many different factors that you need to weigh. Do you require on-site support? Are you interested in assistance managing all of your IT infrastructure, or would you prefer to have your own IT people take some of the work? One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is between break-fix and managed IT services. Here are some of the key differences between the two.

What Are Break-Fix Services?

Break-fix IT services are centered around individual projects. If something is not broken, it will not be fixed. Instead of working proactively to prevent problems from occurring, a break-fix model prioritizes responding to current concerns as they pop up. For example, if you are interested in upgrading your office Wi-Fi, you might purchase a new router. However, you are not sure how to set it up and need extra help. That is when you would call your IT company. Think of this type of service as going to the emergency room. Instead of visiting for preventative care to avoid problems in the future, you are there for immediate and current needs.

What Are Managed IT Services?

In contrast to break-fix services are managed IT services. Managed IT services focus on working proactively to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Instead of examining a single issue at a time as it pops up, managed IT services look at the bigger picture to diagnose issues, spot potential problems, and take action before you even notice that anything is wrong. Using the same emergency room example above, managed IT services would not be the ER, but would instead be a primary care doctor that you see for regular assistance. Managed IT services give businesses the peace of mind that they need to get their jobs done.

What Are the Benefits of Each?

While managed IT services are often the best option for most companies, there are some strengths of break-fix services as well. Break-fix companies are ideal for businesses where there are very few IT issues, where there is already an in-house IT department, and for companies who do not use very much technology. If you have confident employees who are able to use technology and troubleshoot most of their own issues, you might benefit from break-fix services.

However, for the most versatility, most companies opt for working with a managed IT services company. Managed IT service providers take all of the hard and confusing IT work off of your plate. Instead of only responding when there is downtime or something actively broken, you will receive proactive maintenance that makes it easier to do your job without the stress of a potential breakdown. Managed IT service providers will give you access to highly skilled professionals without needing to make space in your budget for hiring them full-time. Managed IT services are excellent for companies with multiple users who use technology to get the job done, in addition to companies that use multiple different types of tech.

What Do Managed IT Services Include?

At Nauticon, we are proud to be an experienced managed IT services company. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to improve productivity and decrease downtime. Some of our offerings include:

  • Network administration including managed cybersecurity, 24/7 alerting and monitoring, help desk and on-site support, proactive server maintenance, email and user administration, workstation maintenance, and more
  • Virtual CIO services, which give you access to high-level advice from skilled professionals without the need to hire a CIO to work for your company around the clock
  • Cloud services, which includes everything associated with using and maintaining your business on-site and in the cloud for the benefit of your business, your customer, and all of your employees
  • Cybersecurity solutions that proactively work to reduce your exposure to leaks and cybercriminals who are interested in stealing sensitive information and ruining your reputation and/or business
  • Backup and disaster recovery services that help you stay prepared in the event that you are targeted by a cybercriminal, the victim of a natural disaster, or experiencing challenges with your on-site technology

If you need help with it, we are help to maintain your technology.

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