Looking for IaaS? Get help with Managed IT Infrastructure Services

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If you’re looking for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), one of the easiest ways to make that transition is through a managed IT infrastructure service. A managed service provider will be able to get your organization started right away — but first, let’s discuss what IaaS is and its advantages.

What Is Infrastructure as a Service?

Rather than investing in on-premise hardware and built-in software solutions, an organization can instead deploy infrastructure-as-a-service. Infrastructure-as-a-service is a complete and instant computing environment, which is provided through the Internet and requisitioned on demand. An IaaS solution neatly sidesteps issues for an organization such as the physical aspects of scaling up and the cost of securing, managing, maintaining, and monitoring computer systems. For the best environment, an IaaS infrastructure is generally paired with a managed service provider (MSP).

What Are the Benefits of an MSP + IAAS?

Transition easily to an IaaS infrastructure. Your MSP will analyze your current on-premise infrastructure and determine the easiest ways to make this transition. If your organization is just getting started, your MSP will assess your company’s needs to find an IaaS solution that fits with your current activity and your future needs.

Migrate your data to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud is no joke — it can be exceedingly complex. A mismanaged migration could lead to data loss and business disruption. But an accomplished MSP will be able to handle a migration from start-to-finish, so you don’t have to worry.

Gain complete IaaS support. Your MSP will support your system with 24/7 help desk support. Your IaaS solution is going to be your organization’s IT infrastructure; you need to have constant access, and you need to have things operating smoothly if you want to avoid disruption.

Integrate multiple clouds and solutions. When constructing an IaaS, it has become very popular to have multiple clouds and multiple applications on each cloud solution. An MSP will aid with integrating these often disparate systems and solutions so that your business has a streamlined and optimized workflow. 

Securing your system. Transitioning to IaaS means that your data is going to have to be transferred to a cloud-based solution — and it means your employees are going to have to transition to a new type of environment. All of this involves some major security concerns, which an MSP will be able to address through software solutions and training.

If you are interested in transitioning to infrastructure-as-a-service, your best bet is going to be completing this transition with the help of an MSP. An MSP gives you all of the tools that you need to setup, manage, and maintain your IaaS infrastructure moving forward — in the form of an IT partnership that can fulfill all of your IT department requirements. And MSPs don’t only work with IaaS; they also provide many other valuable services. Contact Nauticon today at 240.499.2546 today to learn more.