What Should ‘Best Customer Service’ Really Mean?

What Should ‘Best Customer Service’ Really Mean?
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How many times do you hear companies boosting about having the best customer service? What do they use to source such a bold statement? I have surveyed some of the leading document management companies in the country and found out what criteria they use when referencing their superior customer service.

Priority #1 – TRAINING

Repair technicians need to be have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely troubleshoot and repair the issue. Comprehensive and continuous training should be provided to assure that each technician is current on the latest copier technology. Technicians must pass both a hands-on and written test in order to work on a customer’s device.


Have you ever called a customer service number expecting a live person to answer the phone and were greeted by a recorded voice asking you to select a series of prompts. Then after selecting “3 for customer service”, a message tells you that due to unexpected call volume, you’re being placed on hold. The best customer service means that a representative will answer your call by the third ring and carefully listen to your concerns. Then, put an action plan in place. You’re frustration does not need to escalate with an inferior service call experience.

Priority #3 – PROMPTNESS

Both promptness of response time and promptness of the repair are critical to overall customer service satisfaction. How long after your call for service was placed did the technician arrive at the location? Did they need to return the next day because they didn’t have the parts to repair the issue? The best customer service should mean that they arrived within a reasonable time and accurately diagnosed and repaired the issue to your satisfaction – the same day.


Claiming that you have the best customer service should be supported by written and video testimonials in addition to third-party surveys. It should be required that any company claiming to be the best needs to provide the statistics from an outside source to back that statement.

How can Nauticon Office Solutions claim to have the best customer service?

  • Our field technicians are factory trained and go through a broad training program ensuring you that they are certified and skilled to work on your device.
  • Every service call is answered by a live person who is courteous, knowledgeable and eager to provide the help you need to solve the issue.
  • Nauticon guarantees that the technician will arrive between 2 to 4 hours from your call. As of this posting, we are averaging a 2.7 hour response time. That average places us alongside the top service teams in the country. In addition to a quick response time, every technician carries at least $10,000 worth of repair parts in their vehicle. It is very rare that we need to return another day because we don’t have the part.
  • Nauticon subscribes to MPS Verification, a third-party data collection agency which compiles feedback taken from every service call. Year to date (May 2017), Nauticon is experiencing a 92.93 customer satisfaction ranking (a.k.a. Net Promoter Score) placing us ahead of companies such as Amazon, Apple, Nordstrom and Costco.

Nauticon Office Solutions – The Best Customer Service!