Unhappy with your IT service, but afraid to change it?

Poor IT Service
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Change can be scary, and there are some very common fears associated with changing IT providers. But you don’t have to be held hostage to sub-standard IT service anymore.

Are you unhappy with your current IT provider because of:

  • Slow response time
  • Poor or unresponsive service
  • Technical abilities not meeting your expectations
  • Loss of confidence in that provider due to regular downtime, a data loss event, or poor service
  • Your business has outgrown them and their capabilities

But still afraid to change?

If you’re staying in a bad relationship with an IT provider because you are afraid to make that change, read on to understand why you don’t have to be held hostage anymore.

Fear #1 – “My current provider has all of my information. Someone new just won’t understand us.”

Your IT provider may have access to it, but it’s YOUR data and you don’t have to be held hostage by a business that isn’t providing you the service you need

What you need to know:

Passwords can be requested, and access and admin rights can easily be transferred for a smooth transition.

Offboarding is a process as much as onboarding is. A professional, ethical company will handle it as such.

 With an experienced IT firm, you get a versatile team of trained IT pros who are well-versed in multiple technologies.

Fear #2 – “Changing will be too disruptive to my business.”

FACT: When managed professionally, changing IT providers doesn’t expose you to any unnecessary risks, business disruptions, or other hardships.

What you should expect:

  • Immediate deployment of the remote management software that secures and protects your data
  • A documented, transparent onboarding process that is reviewed with you, and then followed
  • Thorough documentation of your complete IT infrastructure, done by an experienced technical team without interruption to employees

Fear #3 – “The downtime of a transition will negatively affect my business.”

Changing IT providers can – and should – be done with little to no impact to your business.

Onboarding tasks can easily be scheduled for completion during non-standard business hours.

No matter what IT provider you choose, remember that:

  • Your data and network are YOURS and you get to decide who manages them.
  • You can transition to a new IT provider with no gaps in coverage or network protection.
  • A change in providers does NOT equal downtime.

Relax. We’ve got IT. Contact Nauticon at 240.499.2546 so we can take IT worries out of your hands.