Renting vs. Leasing Printing Equipment for Your Office

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As a business owner, finding a balance between getting the best price and getting the most longevity can be challenging. This can come into play when choosing between renting and leasing printing equipment for your office. You need high-quality printing that can support your critical office functions, but it can mean a significant investment depending on your printing needs and the number of printers that you require. At Nauticon Office Solutions, we work with businesses just like yours to determine whether your best option is renting or leasing printing equipment for your office.

Renting Printing Equipment for Your Office

Renting printing equipment gives you the most flexibility if your needs are constantly changing. For example, if your business is just opening and you are not sure how much you will be printing, renting could be more appropriate until you have a better idea of what your needs are. Renting can give you greater flexibility if your company is regularly changing your printing capacity and needs, but if you have stable needs or can commit for a year or longer, leasing can be more affordable.

Rental payments are often slightly higher than lease payments due to the lack of commitment, and it’s also important to remember that there is not an ownership option at the end of your rental like there would be with a lease. In order to continue renting the device, you must continue renewing the agreement and paying the monthly fee.

Leasing Printing Equipment for Your Office

Leasing is a versatile option for companies that need high-quality printing but don’t want to purchase a printer outright. Most leases include additional benefits, like maintenance that can cover parts, labor, toner and preventative maintenance. When you lease a printer, you only need to worry about properly loading the paper and fresh ink and the printer will take care of the rest.

One of the biggest benefits of leasing printing equipment for your office is the versatility that you get as a result. When your lease is up, you can choose to extend the lease or renew it to keep your existing equipment. You can also choose to send the machine back and upgrade to a new model that has different features or a greater capacity. Finally, you can elect to buy out the equipment and own it yourself. If you are searching for the most options and would like to try before you buy, leasing printing equipment is a great choice.

Which Is Right for You?

Nauticon can help walk you through the process of determining whether or not you should start renting or leasing printing equipment for your office. Some of the factors that could make one option better than another for your company include:

  • Upgrade Requirements: If you regularly need to switch between devices and have fluctuations in your printing requirements, renting might be a better choice. However, leases still allow for regular upgrades that give you cutting-edge technology and maintenance to keep it in great condition. It’s simple to upgrade your leased equipment to ensure you have what you need.
  • Avoiding Surprise Repair Costs: Both rented and leased equipment come with regular maintenance, so you never need to worry about a steep repair bill. Even if you take good care of your printing equipment, issues might still occur. Whether you need preventative maintenance or there is a pressing issue, a rental or lease can save you money.
  • Monthly Costs: Rental agreements have a premium attached when compared to longer term leases. If you choose to start leasing printing equipment for your office, you will have a lower monthly payment compared to a rental and be presented with the option to purchase the equipment outright at the end of your lease.
  • Changing Needs: A lease gives you the opportunity to change the equipment you are renting, upgrade or purchase it outright at the end of the lease. If you purchase a printer outright, you might be locked into a device that will be obsolete within a decade. Leases give you versatility at a low monthly price compared to purchasing a printer or renting a printer.
  • Customized Solutions: At Nauticon, we work hard to help each of our clients find the perfect solution for their situation. As a result, we can lease office equipment to you for different terms and cater your leased equipment to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your printing capacity or need more versatility within your fleet, we have access to the high-quality solutions that you require.
  • Start-Up Costs: Purchasing a printer outright comes with a steep upfront cost. Renting a printer can also come with a higher initial fee. The best way to save money every month and upfront is by leasing printing equipment for your office. There is no down payment required, and our lease terms are flexible to meet your requirements.
  • Support: When you lease printing equipment from Nauticon, you benefit from our unparalleled customer service. We work hard to meet the needs of all of our customers, whether they are a large business in need of equipment to expand or a small business looking for an affordable lease. You will get our support throughout the year, and you can feel confident that you will have service as soon as possible. We work by your side to help your company grow and thrive, all while cutting costs, securing your documents, reducing your environmental footprint and meeting the printing needs of your employees.

We Make Renting Or Leasing Printing Equipment for Your Office Easy

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