Local Printers vs. Network Printers

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Two of the main types of printers that offices have today are local printers and network printers. While they are both popular choices, there are key differences between the two that might make one more or less appropriate for your office environment. What are the differences between local printers and network printers, and which should you use in your office?

Local Printers

Local printers are printing devices that are directly connected to a single computer via USB cable. That printer can only be used by the device that is directly hooked up to it, which means that only one person can use the computer and the printer at a time. Local printers are very popular for businesses that do not know a lot about technology, as they have very limited set up and can often be plugged in and used immediately after taking them out of the box.

Network Printers

Network printers are designed to be used by multiple computers at the same time. They can be incorporated into a group of computers in a certain area of the office or give access to any device in the office or on the Wi-Fi network. All of these printers and copy machines are connected to the network using ethernet cables. If you have wireless network printers, they will not need to be connected by ethernet cable and will instead be set up through the network and servers so that all workstations can access them.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Local Printer?

Local printers remain popular for a reason, and they can be excellent at providing employees who print a great deal over the course of the day with their own dedicated printer. This prevents other employees from needing to wait on their print jobs finishing before they can print their own things. Local printers can make workflow faster for employees who also need to print a high quantity of documents. Because the printer is on their desk or in their immediate work area, they can instantly see if it is printing properly or if there are any issues. This prevents them from printing off 50 copies on a network printer before getting up and realizing something is wrong.

A primary downside of local printers is that it is much more expensive to purchase every employee their own printer. Costs can quickly add up when you need to take care of paper, ink, and toner for 30 printers instead of just three. Many companies use a combination of local printers and network printers to get all of the printing access that they need. 

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Network Printer?

If you are looking for bang for your buck, network printers are the best choice. Network printers combine efficiency and versatility so that all of the workers in your office have access to a printer at all times of the day. Network printers can accommodate multiple different operating systems, a variety of printer types including multi-function devices and desktop printers, as well as a variety of user devices like tablets and cell phones. Network printers make it easy for everyone in your office to print exactly what they need to print, when they need to print it, from any device.

Additionally, investing in network printers is more cost-effective than purchasing a large number of individual local printers. Instead of worrying about purchasing a separate printer and supplies for every workstation, you will be able to rely on a handful of network printers that meet the needs of everyone in the office.

The primary reservation that many offices have about network printers is the difficulty of set up. If you are not sure what you are doing and not working with an experienced partner like us, this can be confusing. We will take care of starting up and setting up your network printer so that all of the devices in your office can access it and it prints properly. It’s our mission to demystify print and copy services at every business, regardless of how many users you have printing and how many things you need printed every day. We have a solution for you, and we are ready to help.

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