How Managed Print Services Can Help Reduce Your Printing Costs

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Managed print services are one of our most popular offerings at Nauticon, and that’s for a good reason. Managed printing can streamline your operations to make things simpler and more straightforward, while cutting costs and improving productivity. In a competitive business environment where reducing costs is more important than ever, managed printing is a solution for many business owners. How can managed print services from Nauticon reduce your printing costs and make getting the job done even easier?

Downsizing Your Printer Fleet

Many businesses feel like they don’t have enough printers due to inefficiencies, but in reality they could downsize their printer fleets further. Particularly if your business has transitioned to be partially or fully remote, your print needs have likely decreased. Managed print services look at what you already own and come up with ways to optimize it so that you get the most for your investment and only pay for what you use. Instead of paying the tremendous cost of leases, maintenance and other costs that can add up, a managed print specialist at Nauticon can identify ways to maximize your print efficiency and minimize your expenses. Many businesses recover a great deal of annual budget just by downsizing their fleet to make it as efficient as possible.

Exploring Digital Options

Managed print services go beyond printing things physically and can also include things like digitization efforts. Nauticon can help develop an effective office workflow that uses innovative technology to streamline the tasks you have to accomplish every day. If you want to explore all that the cloud has to offer and find ways to move more of your printing services to alternative platforms that don’t involve paper, we can help. Managed printing has actually become more critical for many businesses as they move away from traditional paper.

Using the Right Software

Just like the size of your fleet matters when you reduce your printing costs, software also makes a big difference. Managed print services connect you with software that helps to protect your network and simplify print operations. Whether it’s using security upgrades to safeguard your network or print reduction tools to lower the amount that your users are printing, the right software can make a big difference. We can teach you and your employees how to use the software for the best effect and determine which features are valuable and which ones might be worth skipping. For example, there is software that prompts employees to consider whether or not what they are printing is essential, could be printed in black and white instead of color and other simple prompts. Simply asking your employees and forcing them to see the screen can lead to a 10-25% reduction in printing without any other changes.

Understand Your Analytics

In order to reduce your printing costs significantly, you need to understand what is being printed, when it’s being printed and who is doing the printing. Analytics and other charts can be generated that give you a look at your current printing and help you determine whether or not you are making progress. Some of the reports that we can connect you with include statistics measuring your overall print spending, how many print jobs were released, comparisons to past months and years, trends, the amount of money you’ve saved, whether or not you’re on track to meet your goals and more. This makes it easy to know how you’re doing and continue to make adjustments.

Learn from the Experts

When you are trying to reduce your printing costs, one of the best ways to do so is by learning from someone who has already done so. At Nauticon, our professionals have taken care of the same managed print processes that might benefit you hundreds of times. We understand the best and most effective ways to lower print spending, lower the amount that your employees are printing and finally understand how to streamline your print operations. We can speak with all of your team members to help you decide the best path forward and how to finally improve your print spending.

Use the Right Device

Finally, one of the best ways that managed print services can reduce your printing costs is through using the right device for the right job. Managed print can assess your existing hardware and software and determine what changes could make them more effective. Did you purchase a printer that is ideal for lower print counts to save money? We can determine whether or not that is appropriate for your current print capacity. If you are not supplying your employees with the right equipment to get the job done, you might be unintentionally slowing them down by forcing them to use copiers or printers that are designed for a lower page yield.


If you are interested in not purchasing new equipment but leasing it instead, we can also help you with that. Leasing gives you access to the right printer or copier for your situation but doesn’t require you to purchase the entire machine outright. It also gives you access to maintenance so that if there are issues with your machines, you will have one of our experienced technicians on the scene. If you are not sure how much managed printing could save you, Nauticon can provide you with a detailed estimate and design a plan to reduce your expenses and make printing easier than ever before.

Where Can You Find Managed Print Services to Reduce Your Printing Costs?

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