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How well are you managing your organization’s print infrastructure?  Do you know how much you are spending every month on documents printed from your laser printers?  According to Gartner, the cost of a company’s print output is typically 1 to 3 percent of their total revenue.  Only rent and payroll surpass the cost of printing. 

Lowering print expenses and managing your fleet of devices can be accomplished with a cost-effective Managed Print program.  There are 7 key benefits of Managed Print services.

• Improved workflow

• Increased productivity

• Reduced costs up to 40%

• Maximized control

• Improved flexibility

• Reduced waste    

• Free up IT resources

How is this done?

The first phase is Discovery.  An MPS team evaluates your current processes and print output devices. They identify and document the make/model, cost, usage and location of every printer.  Non-metered and Inefficient devices with high costs, energy consumption and other environmental concerns are detected, as well as areas of improvement for security and workflow.

After gathering information, the next phase is Design.  Planners develop a strategy to maximize productivity while prioritizing cost reductions.  Part of this strategy will maximize the configuration of your print fleet and the efficiency of each device.        

The final phase with implementing a Managed Print program is Deployment.  A plan is developed for 1) execution 2) meeting commitments and 3) reviewing performance vs. program objectives.  The goal of the deployment phase is to minimize disruption with installation of new equipment and removal of any identified inefficient devices.     

Once implemented, your office productivity will increase along with a reduction of your organizations total spend.  Additionally, your IT team will be able to focus on core business initiatives instead of misusing their valuable time working on printers.    

Nauticon Office Solutions offers a comprehensive Managed Print Services approach that can help your company succeed.  Equipment, service, supplies, parts and labor can be rolled into one low, cost-per-page price. Nauticon will manage all of your printers, regardless of manufacturer.

Get a crystal-clear vision of your printing environment by contacting a MPS specialist.  Simply click here to contact us for a no obligation assessment.