6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Business Printer

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Buying a new printer for your business can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not sure what features to look for. With so many options available on the market, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions before making a purchase. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some important questions to ask before buying a new business printer.

Signs Your Business Needs a New Printer

There are several signs that may indicate that your business needs a new printer. One of the most obvious signs is if your printer is frequently breaking down or malfunctioning. If you find yourself constantly calling for repairs, it may be time to consider replacing your printer. Another sign is if your printer is no longer able to keep up with the demands of your business. If your business has grown or your printing needs have increased, your printer may not be able to handle the volume of work you require. If you are experiencing low print quality or inconsistent results, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model. Finally, if your printer is no longer compatible with the latest technology or software, it may be time to invest in a new printer that can keep up with your business’s changing needs.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Printer for Your Business

  1. What is the printer’s intended use? Before you purchase a printer, you need to consider its intended use. Are you looking for a printer that can handle high-volume printing, or one that can print high-quality photos? Do you need a printer that can handle multiple paper sizes or one that can print on different types of media? Determining the primary use of the printer will help you narrow down your options and choose a model that meets your specific needs.
  2. What are the printer’s print speed and resolution? The print speed and resolution of a printer are important factors to consider. If you need to print large quantities of documents quickly, you will want a printer with a fast print speed. If you need to print high-quality photos or graphics, you will want a printer with a high resolution. Keep in mind that higher resolution printing may take longer and may require more ink or toner.
  3. What is the printer’s connectivity? Most printers come with a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. If you need to connect the printer to multiple devices or a network, you will want a printer with multiple connectivity options. If you plan to print from mobile devices, you may also want to consider a printer with Bluetooth or NFC connectivity.
  4. What is the printer’s paper handling capacity? The paper handling capacity of a printer is another important consideration. If you need to print large quantities of documents, you will want a printer with a high-capacity paper tray. If you need to print on different types of media, such as envelopes or cardstock, you will want a printer with multiple paper trays or a manual feed slot.
  5. What is the printer’s cost of ownership? The cost of ownership includes the initial purchase price of the printer as well as the cost of ink or toner, maintenance, and repairs. You will want to choose a printer with a low cost of ownership to ensure that you can afford to operate it over the long term.
  6. What is the printer’s warranty and support? Before you buy a printer, you should research the manufacturer’s warranty and support options. Look for a printer with a warranty that covers parts and labor for at least one year. You should also check to see if the manufacturer offers customer support and repair services.

Find the Printer that is Right for Your Business

Buying a new business printer can be a daunting task. By asking the right questions and considering your specific needs, you can choose a printer that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. Remember to take into account the printer’s intended use, print speed and resolution, connectivity, paper handling capacity, cost of ownership, and warranty and support. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and purchase a printer that will serve your business well for years to come. Nauticon Office Solutions carries a large variety of printers and can help you choose the one that is best suited to your business. Give us a call today at 301-279-0123 to learn more!