8 Reasons to Outsource Your Business’s Cybersecurity

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The digital footprint of virtually every business in the United States has expanded over the last several years. As a result, businesses both small and large have benefited from outsourcing their cybersecurity measures. Rather than spreading their in-house IT team too thin, a dedicated outsourced team can provide peace of mind and reliability at a reasonable price. Here are a few reasons why cybersecurity outsourcing is so popular in 2021.

  1. Access to Expert Level Security. One of the greatest advantages of working with a managed security service provider is that it gets you access to their team of individuals with experience and expertise in the field of cybersecurity. That means that any vulnerabilities currently present in your infrastructure can be addressed at once. From there, cybersecurity experts can stay ahead and keep your business safeguarded from future threats.
  2. Save Time. It’s entirely possible to hire an in-house IT team and task them with keeping your business up to date with cutting edge cybersecurity solutions. However, this avenue would require you to scout out expert talent, train up the team, and offer them the tools they need to complete the work. Conversely, outsourcing cybersecurity offers the benefit of freeing up your time to focus on your day-to-day without compromising the quality of your security.
  3. Save Money. In addition to spending time building up a strong inhouse IT team, maintaining the team will also involve several reoccurring costs for small and medium sized businesses. Rather than paying full salaries to bring new team members into the fold, outsourcing your cybersecurity solutions will give you expert access at a more sustainable cost.
  4. Constant Support. If you don’t have staff monitoring your network throughout the day, you could be left vulnerable to breaches that could have otherwise been avoided. Luckily, a dedicated outsourced cybersecurity team will have continual eyes on your systems. As a result, incident response times will be kept at a minimum. Large breaches can genuinely take months to recover from, but fast detection and responses can prevent this extended downtime altogether.
  5. Scalability. The last year and a half have taught us all to stay flexible with our business approach in order to readily adjust to everchanging external factors. Whether your business is in a period of growth or shrinkage, an outsourced cybersecurity team can scale their support to appropriately match. This is a level of adaptability that simply is not feasible with an inhouse team.
  6. Inhouse Staff Support. An underrated benefit of outsourcing cybersecurity solutions is that the best providers will be more than happy to work in conjunction with your current inhouse IT staff. Our goal is always to establish a strong working relationship with in house IT teams with training and subsequent collaboration in the event of a third-party cybersecurity threat.
  7. Maintaining Compliance. Businesses have a moral and legal obligation to safeguard employee and customer data. Some industries take this responsibility one step further by mandating compliance with data protection policies that businesses must adhere to. Whether your business is in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or finance, or you simply want to do everything reasonably in your power to protect your clients, a managed cybersecurity team can deliver the results you need.
  8. Multi-layered Protection. Outsourced cybersecurity teams eliminate threats by bolstering up their clients with multiple layers and methods of security protection. Critically, we can also shed light on how to shore up the greatest cybersecurity risk of all: your people. Human error leads to successful cyberattacks more than any other vulnerability, and we are happy to spend time teaching your team security red flags to steer clear of and best practices to start implementing right away. It takes a companywide effort to stay fully protected, and we look forward to being part of that effort for our clients across the country!

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