7 Advantages of Cloud Print Services

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7 Advantages of Cloud Print Services

Managed print services are a modern solution for the persistent copy and print problems facing many businesses today. If you are tired of running out of paper and toner and not having what you need when you need it, managed print from Nauticon can solve your problem for you. One of the most critical tools that helps us to get you what you need for our managed print services is cloud print services. Unlike traditional on-site print management, we can meet your needs as you transition to the cloud. On-site print management can be expensive and complex to manage. Using the cloud allows you to improve your efficiency, cut costs and allow our team to take care of your print program.

What Is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing allows a full array of digital devices to connect to printers, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and workstations. Traditional printing relies on cables and is often complicated because of connectivity issues, compatibility issues and software driver problems. When you use cloud print services, you no longer need to use printer drivers. Instead, the printer can connect with the device easily and get all of the information on what needs to be printed from the cloud. This is much more reliable and seamless, and it also comes with a broad range of other benefits.

1.    Cost Reduction

Cloud-based printing is much more affordable than most on-site print management. Your operating costs will be lower, and your print servers will be in the cloud instead of at your business. This will also lower the energy costs related to hosting and having servers on-site. Cloud printing completely eliminates the need for your business to purchase, install and maintain printer hardware and software like you needed to in the past. If you aren’t sure how much you could save by partnering with us, contact us today to learn more.

2.    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Every business wants to become greener and more energy efficient, and cloud print services are one way to get the job done. Printing over the cloud reduces waste generated and can even lower carbon emissions. Managed print services are another way to make sure that you are using toner and paper products responsibly.

3.    Bring Your Own Device

As employees work both in and out of the office more, they are often bringing their own devices in and out of your workplace. It can be a huge inconvenience to be working on a laptop and unable to easily print as a result. When you invest in cloud print services, your employees will be able to use any device that is connected to the internet to print. They won’t need to worry about drivers or compatibility, which will in turn lower the burden on your IT staff and help desk. When you use the cloud to print, employees can print from devices including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and more.

4.    Stress-Free Software Updates

Updating software on a large network can be a pain, but using cloud print services means benefitting from automatic, real time software updates. We will ensure that your print network is always up to date and totally secure. You also won’t need to worry about updating software on your employee devices, as they don’t require any special software to get connected.

5.    Simple Solutions

Any business that relies on numerous printers and devices and that needs a high volume of printed material every month knows how complex and laborious it can be to keep everything up to date. A cloud print solution is incredibly easy to set up and maintain. You will not need to worry about software, software updates, printer drivers or excessive cables. Your IT department will be thrilled at how simple it is. If you are not sure whether cloud print services could work well at your office or business, contact Nauticon today for an assessment. We have worked with businesses of every size and in every industry to make running a business easier than ever.

6.    Easy Servers

The cost of setting up and maintaining cloud printing is far lower than the cost of setting up and maintaining extensive IT infrastructure. It is stress-free and simple to outsource your printing using cloud print services instead of exerting extensive resources to do it yourself. Nauticon specializes in simplifying IT for businesses of every size and in every industry, and we are always here to support you however we can.

7.    You Can Set Rules

Finally, when you use cloud printing, you can define print rules very easily. It only takes a little bit of effort to highly customize things like what can be printed, whether or not color printing is allowed, page limits and more. It is much less confusing for people to complete print jobs, as you will have already defined the parameters. You can also gain access to analytics that will give you insight into who is printing, what is being printed and more. This can help you to tailor your future investments in new machines and even tailor your guidelines for what should and shouldn’t be printed. You can also still have excellent security despite your printing using the cloud when you work with an experienced company like Nauticon to design and install your print services. Cloud print services are one way to get more useful information while still maintaining control over the print services that you are offering to your employees.

We Make Cloud Print Services and Managed Printing for Your Office Easy

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