6 Types of Office Technology for Your Business

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Office technology is an essential part of most businesses today. Not only for in-office businesses but remote businesses as well. Having the most up-to-date and convenient technology will take your business processes and quality to a higher level. Using cutting-edge technology is crucial to any business and is one of the best investments. We’ve experienced the frustration of a printer malfunction and felt the limits of our patience tested by a machine. It is not a pleasant experience on top of a busy work schedule. Nauticon Office Solutions knows that frustration and brings the best solutions for your office technology needs. When you use high-quality machines, your employees will reap the benefits of the effortless functionality and increased production of your print equipment.

Technology in the workplace has transformed the flexibility businesses have to meet deadlines and produce more results in a shorter amount of time. Who wouldn’t want to take every step towards bettering their business? Nauticon Office Solutions is here to show you some examples of the best office technology to consider for your business today. 

Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction copiers have been around for decades. They are one of the most common office technologies used in offices today. Because of their everyday use, these printers are constantly evolving. With the multitude of devices used in an office like scanners, printers, fax machines, and more, having a multifunctional device allows for a wide variety of devices to be constantly used by your employees. The most significant benefit of having a multifunction copier is space and cost-saving. This will save money instead of purchasing multiple printers for each employee or needing to purchase multiple devices for the office. Employee convenience will skyrocket morale and keep your employees from going back and forth to different printers for different document types and tasks. On top of convenience, using multifunction copiers is cost-effective. Your business will also spend less money on service maintenance, power consumption, and supplies. 

Network Printers

Network printers are similar to multifunction printers in that they can scan and print documents as well. The convenience of network printers is the capability of multiple users to print from the same network. If your employees use ethernet or Wi-Fi on your network, they can connect from anywhere in the office. This saves your business from purchasing multiple plug-in printers for each employee and brings convenience to workflow and production.

Production Printers

Production printers are a great solution, whether you are printing brochures, professional prints, flyers, or even medical case files. These printers’ superior quality will impress your customers with the high resolution and bold colors. If you are producing posters, booklets, or pamphlets in a high volume, these long-lasting printers are designed to run quickly without constant service or overheating. The different types of production printers allow you to find personalized office technology for your business-specific needs. 

Wide Format Printers

Whether for professional photography, fine arts, posters, marketing materials, or manuals, wide format printers are designed to produce detailed, fine-quality prints. These printers are also designed to save power and, therefore, money. Sometimes your business needs an eye-catcher, and the standard 8.5 x 11 just won’t cut it. Many companies outsource for print services, and this printer saves your business by bringing some of these jobs in-house. 


Although most businesses have many paper documents, we use computers and other office technology to store documents. Scanners have become an essential product that streamlines documentation and filing for businesses. Whether you need to scan hundreds of papers or ten, these scanners operate at high volume and improve convenience at your office. They can scan both sides of a document and file them away into designated areas you set in your network. Thanks to office machines like these, filing documents away or sharing digital copies has never been easier. Putting all your paper files into the digital format creates a more accessible organization system.

Barcode Printers

If you have a business that regularly creates products for sale, barcodes are essential. These printers bring convenient office technology to your business so you can easily label products and find them within your network. The types of barcode printers vary in size and type. This comprehensive range sets no limits on your business function and production. Whether you’re a small business selling homemade products or a corporation producing high quantity products, you have options. 

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