6 Signs You Need to Update Your Office Technology

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Maintaining your current office technology for as long as possible may seem like the best way to save money. However, you might regret doing so in the long run. In order to run your business efficiently and maintain high productivity levels, you need updated office technology. Nothing lasts forever; it’s a part of life, right? The reality is, all the systems we use at work repeatedly degrade over time. Even artists who use the same brush for years will find that with age, the bristles jut out at every angle and paint cakes onto the handle. Believe it or not, it’s no different for office technology; eventually, you’ll need a replacement so you can keep growing your business and churning out masterpieces.

1.     Frequent Downtime

Technology isn’t infallible, and it’s normal for issues to occur every once in a while. However, if they’re interrupting your day too often, you should stop to take notice. Are you finding that you have to set aside time to fix problems with your office technology every week—or worse, every day? Whenever downtime occurs, you lose valuable business hours you can’t get back. If you and your team are spending more time resolving issues than actually accomplishing tasks, it may be time for an upgrade.

2.     Security Issues

No matter what industry you’re in, security is essential for your company. Repetitive data breaches and hacking events are a warning sign you should take seriously. In addition to developing a thorough cybersecurity plan with experienced specialists, consider the importance of upgraded office technology. The older your equipment is, the higher the threat level will be. Moreover, every day hackers are growing more knowledgeable about ways to invade systems quickly. The best way to combat this problem is to make sure your technology supports up-to-date antivirus software.

3.     Expensive Maintenance

Although you may think upgrading your office technology will be expensive, maintaining old equipment often ends up costing more in the long run. An average office needs a great deal of equipment, too: printers, phones, headsets, faxing machines, servers and plenty of desktops or laptop computers. Imagine how much it costs to maintain everything. As years go by, you’ll also realize that this maintenance is needed more often. Did you know that old technology tends to cause higher energy bills, too? Add it all up, and you’re likely to find that updating your office technology is actually the cost-effective solution.

4.     Glacial Speeds

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to work with slow connection speeds. If you have time to visit the break room and fill up your coffee mug before something loads, that’s a big sign that it’s time to upgrade! In today’s modern world, the Internet is a necessity for most if not all businesses. We use it to communicate, participate in virtual calls and complete projects on time. If a slow connection speed is your main issue, upgrading this should be your top priority. There could be a problem with your internet service, so you should contact your provider first and ask what options are available.

5.     Outdated Systems

More than likely, you’ll be able to tell if your office technology is outdated just by looking at it. Over time, old machines become obsolete. If you walked into a modern office and found 90’s-era equipment, for instance, that would be highly concerning. There’s a high chance you’ll be able to spot the difference between a desktop purchased in 2010 with one purchased in 2021. With the speed at which technology progresses today, even systems that are 5-10 years old are probably in need of an overhaul. The software won’t even be compatible any longer because designers typically stop updating these systems.

6.     Frustrated Employees

Archaic office technology won’t just damage your bottom line and decrease productivity: it will also frustrate your workers! Your employees want to be able to finish their tasks on time. They want to feel efficient on a daily basis. If they can’t do their jobs, you’ll probably notice morale shrink in the workplace. Therefore, if your workers have reported frequent issues and the equipment they rely on isn’t working any longer, don’t ignore it! Take these communications to heart. Your employees will feel valued and heard if you take notice of their problems and work to solve them. 

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