6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Printer

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Even printers and copiers that receive preventative maintenance will eventually need to be replaced. When your copier or printer needs to be replaced, it’s important to get it done as quickly as possible to prevent losing your printer suddenly during a busy workday. Stay on the lookout for these signs that it’s time to replace your printer and give Nauticon a call to learn about your options.

1.    It Isn’t Printing Fast Enough or As Much As You Need

Is there a permanent line in front of your copy machine? Do workers seem to be slowed down waiting to get printed materials before meetings or throughout the workday? The printer can become a bottleneck in your office if it cannot produce enough printed material for your employees. Relying on a machine that underperforms or that simply lacks the capacity to support your printing needs means it’s time to replace your printer. One example of this would be using a printer that can print up to 5,000 copies a month. If that printer worked just 2 seconds slower than it does, it could add up to three extra hours making copies. The little things can make a big difference.

2.    It Wastes Money

Printing equipment that is inefficient, broken or outdated can turn from an asset into a liability over the course of a few weeks. Repairs can cost a great deal of money, and inefficient printers can have more jams and issues that lead to wasted ink and wasted paper. If you replace your printer with a new model, you will get the most out of your money. Some models are even designed with energy efficiency in mind, which might make a small difference on your electrical bill at the end of the month.

3.    Your Capacity Has Changed

Has your business grown? Has your COVID-era in-office staff expanded as people have returned to work? If your capacity changes, it might be time to replace your printer with something that meets your needs better. Because copiers and printers can last a long time, it’s completely normal for the printer that was right for you five years ago to be inappropriate for you now. If you are printing more or less than you used to that is one type of capacity change. Another can occur when more people are using the printer or copier at once, which can even lead to decreased productivity when there is socialization around the printer. Employees will socialize as they wait to pick up the documents they added to the queue, print jobs can become confused and separated and employees might hang around the copier excessively waiting for jobs to complete. If you replace your printer with something more efficient, you can maintain high levels of productivity and eliminate these roadblocks.

Your capacity can also change in terms of what you are printing. Some offices shift from printing on one size of paper to another, or they start to print on specialty paper like envelopes. Having only one copier and a limited number of drawers can become a hassle when you need multiple types of paper readily available for copying.

4.    It Needs Repairs Frequently

For a variety of reasons, you might find yourself with a printer that starts having just as much downtime as it does uptime. When your copier has extended periods of downtime in between repairs or due to other issues, it can cause other machines to get unnecessary wear and tear and prevent employees from getting copies as efficiently as they need. Nauticon can help you to find a printer option that is new and also assist with a variety of repairs to ensure that your printer has the shortest amount of downtime possible. We know that you rely on your printer at your office, so it’s our mission to care for it.

5.    It is Outdated

While you might not think that copiers and printers have come a long way over the past decade, there have been countless advancements in technology and in energy efficiency. Technology that is outdated might be inefficient and slow. In some cases, it can even be a security risk. A printer from the same brand that was purchased only 3-5 years ago probably has a new version that has a better user interface, more features, greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs. If you are not sure whether or not you should replace your printer with a newer model or if it is part of the latest generation of models, we are happy to evaluate your situation and recommend any appropriate next steps.

6.    It’s a Security Risk

Old copiers were often designed with a hard drive inside. This hard drive can keep information that is copied or printed through them, and they will typically retain the information for a long time. New copiers are designed with an eye on information security, so they will often erase information shortly after it is used automatically. While retaining information might not be a big security hazard if your office is not handling any sensitive information, it can be a huge risk if you print or copy patient information, personal information, drivers licenses, sensitive data and other things that you would not want to get into the wrong hands. Taking the time to replace your printer can be one of the ways that you invest in the data security of your office.

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