6 Common Office Printer Problems and How to Solve Them

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Though digital sharing technologies have vastly limited our reliance on paper, we still need printers for access to tangible documents. However, they can be a hassle. Daily office printer problems limit productivity and cause unnecessary frustration. An office printer is a necessity for workflow, and any number of problems could take a while to resolve. When things go wrong, your business could come to a standstill. To make matters worse, only a limited number of people in the office may know how to solve these issues when they arise.

Moving forward, train most if not all of your employees how to use the printer properly in order to limit complications and keep a manual on hand. It’s equally important to know what kind of office printer problems are likely occur in order to prepare for them in advance. Here are a few to be aware of:

1.     Printer Downtime

When the printer is down due to an error, this can completely alter your day. Depending on your needs, you may have to spend a long period of time trying to resolve the problem when you have other important tasks on your plate. Check to make sure your printer is still connected to the Wi-Fi network, USB or Ethernet cable, or try re-installing the printer’s software. If you get stuck, turn to the manufacturer’s manual for help or contact the print company to speed up the process.

2.     Running Low on Ink

This is one of the most common office printer problems, but it can be stressful if it’s not addressed in time. If you’re running low on ink, you’ll want to take note of this right away. Most printers will warn you of low ink levels early, so if you have plenty of extra ink on hand, feel free to keep printing until the quality becomes too poor. If you’re low on your supply, however, now would be a great time to stock up. Today, some models will order ink automatically when levels drop to a certain point. Consider this option for your office if you often forget to re-order ink.

3.     It Takes Too Long to Print

Even with our most up-to-date technologies, printers can run slow depending on the make and model. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to improve a printer’s speed. First, select a PCL driver rather than PostScript; PostScript is great for detail, but it can be very slow. You could also try selecting draft mode, a lower quality setting. Stay away from two-sided printing, which can take up too much extra time.

4.     Poor Print Quality

Perhaps your printer runs fast, but the quality isn’t up to your standards. While most offices might be able to function with the basics, a company that relies on crisp graphics will likely need high quality printing they can count on daily. Horsepower might be your problem. In this case, a laser printer will probably be more suited to your needs. If you think it could be a different issue, try adjusting to a higher quality setting, performing regular cleaning maintenance and checking that the correct paper type is selected.

5.     Wi-Fi Printing Issues

If you find that Wi-Fi printing lags, make sure the router is as close as possible to the printer itself. A wireless extender could also help with this problem if it isn’t possible to move your router any closer. You may also want to check on your network connection to make sure you are still linked to the system.

6.     Supply Costs

Out of all the office printer problems you could run into, this one may be your biggest concern. Although you may be worried you’re spending too much on printing, you might not have the time to sit down and run numbers. Ink and toner might be costing you more than they should, and there could be a better option out there. However, you’re running a business and have other things on your mind. Choosing managed print services will take the weight off your shoulders. At Nauticon, we can assess your supply costs and help you determine how to move forward. 

We Can Help You With Office Printer Problems

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