4 Reasons to Outsource IT

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  1. Access to a Team of Experts

When you engage a Managed Service Provider like Nauticon for your IT management and support, you don’t just have access to one person’s knowledge and expertise—you have access to an entire team. This is extremely important for infrastructures with multiple locations, servers, and applications. For example, while one IT professional may be an expert in managing Office 365, you’ll likely need a different professional to oversee the data migration and implementation of a Windows 2016 server or maintain firewall licensing and configurations across multiple locations.

  1. No Sick Days!

When you are reliant upon one or two in-house IT professionals, particularly ones that may only work part-time, you are solely dependent on their schedules and availability. This would be fine if IT issues and emergencies could be pre-planned, but unfortunately, that’s not reality. With Nauticon’s Managed Services, you never have to worry about an IT crisis occurring on someone’s day off—our team is available in-office or on-call whenever you need us.

  1. Ticket Management and Prioritization

Let’s face it—we all have hectic days, and it’s no different for IT professionals. Inboxes filled with IT requests, phone calls as soon as the day starts, and office drop-ins plague many in-house IT professionals today. Ticket management and prioritization can be a challenge, particularly without administrative oversight and enterprise-grade software to keep requests organized. At Nauticon, we’ve invested in best-in-class software paired with best-practice training to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner based on priority—so you aren’t waiting for your server to come back online while your in-house IT staff organizes their tasks for the day.

  1. Best-in-Class Solutions

Simply put–we’ve done our homework. Each time that we add a new product or service to our offering, we invest the appropriate time and resources to ensure that we’re selecting best-in-class solutions that meet our clients’ needs (and their budgets). You can rest assured that not only have we vetted these solutions appropriately, but we’ve got the training and support in place to back them up!

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