2017 Business Trends | Office Technology

2017 Business Trends | Office Technology
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The digital workplace has reshaped how we conduct business. As technology continues to develop, transforming the way you process documents will require careful planning and teamwork from every department. A digital work environment with the inclusion of cloud computing and smart devices has redirected the path of the contemporary business.

Consider these potential 2017 workplace trends.

Settle in and think forward – Technology is going to change whether you embrace it or not. Feature rich office devices are now available to increase productivity and simplify workflow. However, conducting business in a digital world isn’t just about technological improvements. The most significant part is the change in culture and acceptance of the new way we manage documents. Say goodbye to those overstuffed filing cabinets and lost or misfiled documents. You can use a multifunction device such as a recent model copier to convert printed paper documents into editable and searchable files. New document management software takes office organization to new levels of productivity.

However, digital transformation isn’t only about technology, it’s about bringing together the power of equipment with a culture that embraces the changes that can help organizations grow and save money.

Work is what you do, not where you are – Gone are the days when every employee was required to work in cramped cubicles and punch the proverbial timecard. The modern virtual office is always connected with cloud sharing sites, video conferencing and the use of personal devices. The BYOD (bring your own device) revolution allows employees to use their own devices such as a smart-phone or table for company purposes and gives those devices access to the company network. The result, a boost in productivity. Employees can work in a comfortable environment of their choice and often exceed the 9-5 mentality. Office equipment has been redesigned to accommodate the virtual workforce by embedded apps that allow BYOD users to scan, fax and print from smart-phones or tablets by connecting with multifunction printers (MFPs). It is also able to send data to cloud storage sites with a few taps of the app. Giving employees the option to work from a coffee house or their comfortable couch has had a positive impact on attracting top talent.

Reducing is good – Printing smart and lowering costs have been a concern for many budget minded organizations. You should see an increase in 2017 with ‘rules based printing’ and the implementation of MFP authentication. Software such as PaperCut can cut waste, track printing and save money. Do you need to limit certain individuals from printing in color? Would you like to track who abuses to copier with excessive printing? Investing in an efficient multifunction device such as a Toshiba e-Studio 5005ac and software will reduce your output expense and in most cases save you more than the cost of the monthly lease.

In summary, changes in business are going to happen. And because of that, you need to be ready for the drastical changes in the next few years as tech savvy Millennials make up more of the work force. If you expect to survive as a business, you will want to modify your business in 2017 to follow new trends.